For Strasburg To Be Compared To Is Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez has the ability to be the best pitcher in baseball, but only for a limited time. Pedro's going to be a Hall of Famer based on, what, seven dominant years? Stras cheap jersey can do that.

Pedro Martinez won't be exactly like verlander, but he will be elite and a top 5 pitcher. looks like someone hoped off of stras bandwagon. cheap jerseys usa And no im not a nats fan. im a white sox fan who's angry that my guy chris sale gets no love, even though he put up nearly the same numbers, in fact if you still cut out the last two games (cause sale had 2 more games that stras) he had nearly the same numbers cheap mlb jerseys, and thats in the AL which he doesn't get to face the pitcher like stras does.

As soon as ol' Stephen stops generating more clicks than just about any other pitcher in the game. Granted, this article was very good, but it is true, generally speaking. It's the same reason you see twice as many Yankees jersey or Red Sox articles than Rangers or A's. More clicks = more money. More money = Happy people.


by superbowlxlvi | 2013-05-08 15:12 | MLB